Glass Wool Acoustic Panels

Glass Wool Acoustic Panels

Prefab Devloper offers wide range of Glasswool Acoustic Panels for the various applications such as Sound/ Fire Proof Wall, Ceiling and Roof, Acoustic Chamber any type of industrial application for Roofing, Wall Cladding, Partitions, Walk On Ceilings, Prefabricated Shelters, Accommodation Shelters, Information Kiosks, Health Centres, Community Shelters, Communication Shelters, High Altitude Accommodation Shelters for Sub Zero Temperature Areas and many more. These GLASSWOOL panels are manufactured in a computerised plant and come with Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Sheets (PPGS), Pre Painted Galvalume Steel Sheets, and Stainless Steel Sheets fascias. The density of Glasswool sandwiched between two fascia’s. We offer the range of thickness of panels as follows with various fascia options:


  • Modular in nature and pre-engineered for precision and simplified construction

  • Options available with various finishes like PPGS / PPGS, PPGL / PPGL,

  • Walls of different height, yet sturdy and strong construction

  • Light weight panels which is easy to lift and erect at any height inside the plant or any other place

  • Frameless construction and ease of design, supply and erect for any types of construction

  • Insulated Panels and saves the energy

  • Fire Proof Panels

  • Sound Proof Panels

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