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Polyurethane form panels, commonly known as PUF panels consist of two layers metal sheets with a polyurethane foam sandwiched between them. These panels find application in both roof as well as wall cladding. The sandwiched layer has insulation properties, which help maintain optimum temperature. There are joists and studs that are used for joining one panel with another. In roof panels, there are specially created tongue and groove joints, which ensures proper fitting. This also makes assembling the panels easy. Roof panels are built to load bearing capacities for every structure. Each panel has a different profile with varying depths for load bearing. At Prefab Developers, panels are manufactured in-house with modern machinery. The machines are automated and require minimum human involvement, thereby minimising chances of error. Our manufacturing team is technically sound and are trained for the best product output. Prefab Developers’s sandwich insulated panels are also reputed for thermal insulation and acoustics.

PUF Panels, also known as Polyurethane Foam Panels, are composed of a layer of the aforementioned foam material that is positioned in between two sheets of GI metal. Prefab Developers has its very own manufacturing plant for PUF sandwich panels within its facilities. Walls and roofs can both benefit from the application of these panels.

The insulation provided by the foaming material prevents heat and cold transfer effectively, hence preventing temperature fluctuations within. Our professionals go through extensive training so that they can produce these structures in accordance with the high requirements established by our organisation. The raw materials are sourced from reliable merchants in the industry. The use of joists and studs allows for the incorporation of these insulated sandwich panels.

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