PEB Manufacturing Company

PEB Manufacturing Company

Prefab Devloper is a leading PEB Manufacturing Company in India, Pre engineered building (PEB) Structural steel fabrication Company with 18 years of experience Constructing more than 3000 (PEB) steel Buildings in India. We cover all types of Industries like Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Automotive, Electrical, Warehousing, Industry, Food, Chemical, Power, Steel Industry etc. We are India’s leader in Manufacturer of (PEB) Pre engineered Steel Building. We are quality standard of prefab, Steel building, PEB Shed, Heavy Factory, Prefabricated Steel Building, Warehouse, Godown, Pre-engineered steel building,Prefabricated steel building, Prefabricated Building, PEB Structures, Industrial Shed, PEB Warehouse, PEB supplier & exporter in India.

Our Company provides pre engineered Building structure at best cost in India. Pre engineered buildings (PEB) are the buildings which are engineered at a lower cost to the saving in design, manufacturing and on site erection cost. We meet the customer’s expectation when we talk about PEB. Our customers are very happy & satisfied with our products and services.

Prefab Devloper is best Pre-engineered Building Manufacturer in India provides its customers with various resources and products, we provide the customers with services including :

  • Pre-engineered Steel Building

  • Turnkey Pre-engineered Steel Construction Solution

  • Metal Roofing, Cladding Sheets

  • Metal Building Products

  • Prefabricated Building, Roof Structural

Prefab Devloper Prefab Devloper Prefab Devloper Prefab Devloper Prefab Devloper Prefab Devloper

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