Prefabricated toilets

Prefabricated toilet

Proper sanitation facility is a must-have, especially in suburban and rural areas, where there is limited infrastructure. Prefabricated portable toilets can provide a befitting solution in such a scenario. They’re quite oftentreated as a necessity structure, therefore they need to offer enough utility – to be useful. That being the case, in most projects toilets is added as an afterthought, once most of the elements have been completed. In such scenarios where multiple projects are going on, moving toilets from one location to another is often required. That is the reason many organisations are looking for modular portable toilets, which are easy to transport and economical.

prefab developers has over 20 years of prefab manufacturing experience. We have manufactured and supplied toilets across several remote locations in India. Let’s look at few of the notable features of our portable toilets as below.


  • Does not need civil foundation necessarily, as they can be placed on a flat surface.

  • No maintenance work required.

  • Our toilets come with complete finishing work, so there no painting needed on delivery.

  • Smoke detectors, firefighting equipment, come installed.

  • Weather, leak and earthquake resistant and durable

  • Easy to re-assemble and dismantle

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