Insulated Wall Panels

Insulated wall Panels

Insulated sandwich panels are fast and easy to install. They are made from lightweight but structurally strong materials, which have the capability to last for years. These panels find application in wall cladding of a building, apart from roofing. The structures are factory built and then assembled for installation on site. Wall panels typically consist of a layer of core material having thermal insulation properties, sandwiched between two galvanised iron sheets. Hence they derive their name as insulated sandwich panels. Wall panels manufactured by EPACK are of four types.

PUF Panels

PUF panels are an acronym for Polyurethane foam panels, which are reputed for having good insulation properties. This results into immenseenergy savings. They are water and vapour resistant, offer flexible design options and come with weatherproof guarantee.

EPS Panels

EPS panels stand for Expanded Polystyrene, which form the core layer. Surrounding this are two layers of colour coated galvanised iron sheets, which can be either plain or profiled as per requirement. The sheets are fixed with sealants and other fixing accessories. EPS is known for having excellent heat insulation and moisture resistance properties. These panels are reliable and cost effective.

Rockwool Panels

Rockwool panels, as the name suggests consists of a layer of high density rockwool material as the core layer. This layer is sandwiched between two GI sheets, which are prepainted. Glasswool is most widely used for acoustic properties, besides thermal insulation.

Glasswool Panels

Here, the core insulating layer is high density glasswool, surrounded by two layers of metal sheets. What differentiates glasswool from other insulated panels is its fire resistant capability. The material used is non-combustible fibreglass, which prevents fire from spreading.

We are engaged in offering our clients with an exclusive range of Wall Puf Panel. Our offered products are tested on our various parameters in order to ensure the quality, strength and durability of the product. Our offered products are light weight and have distinct uses in Industries and households. We identify the actual needs of the customers and then provide the solutions. Clients can easily avail these products at affordable prices.

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