Porta Cabin

Porta Cabin

Porta Cabin with Superior quality, ease of installation and extended service life If there is one word to describe porta cabins, it would be versatile! Indeed they are. Porta cabins can be used as prefab site offices, security cabins, cottages, container homes, control room, medical testing labs, pathology labs and the list goes on. The other biggest advantage of porta cabins is its ability to customise. You can choose the dimensions, design, colour schemes and get your porta cabin customised according to your taste and requirements.

Porta cabins are multi-purpose. For instance, a porta cabin built for site office can be turned into a kiosk, shop, bar etc. That said, the ability to customise a porta cabin is limitless. Besides small cabins for offices and shops, porta cabins have bigger applications in the commercial building segment as well. Modular construction is growing rapidly over the last few years. Credit goes to porta cabins. They are a great option for creating retail space for small businesses.

There are a number of reasons why porta cabins are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s look at the three most popular reasons below:
Fast Construction
Building a permanent retail or commercial space is time consuming. However, with porta cabins, construction time can be reduced upto 60 percent. Yes, it is that fast, though the time factor is somewhat dependent on the size of materials. This is a great building solution for businesses that want to construct something quick without having to spend too much money.

Save Money
The second most important benefit after construction time is cost savings. The cost is economical. You can also build a smaller version of the building you need to start with, depending on your budget. The materials used in porta cabins are light and does not need huge number of people or machinery during installation. So you save on labour and machine costs too.

Another key element of porta cabins is, as the name itself sounds, its ability to be ported around. These are mobile structures so you can ship them from one place to another as and when the need arises. This is a great property for businesses where workforce has to be moved around. While conventional structures bind you to one location, with porta cabins you take your building where your business takes you.

Ability to customise
You can take your building where you want to. Apart from this, you can customise a porta cabin according your changing purposes if required. This is hugely beneficial for any business since you spend once and can use it for multiple purposes.

Features of Our Porta Cabin:
Our porta cabins are long lasting. We have catered to several industries. Let’s look at the features below:
❖ Lightweight structures that can be shipped around. Makes business hassle-free.
❖ Come in different designs, dimensions which allows easy customisation.
❖ Aesthetically elegant, besides being durable.
❖ The wall and roof panels have inherent insulation from the materials they are built with.
❖ Complete electrical facilities are available.
❖ Does not really need a foundation. Can be mounted on metal or rcc structures.
❖ Can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Affordable Portable Cabin solution for following applications:
❖ Family accommodation
❖ Single executive accommodation
❖ Portable site office
❖ Recreation room
❖ Special purpose cabins
❖ Portable stores
❖ Fully equipped kitchen
❖ Mess [dining]
❖ Dormitory
❖ Laboratory
❖ Portable toilet cabins
❖ Site accommodation

The amount of customisation porta cabins offer, can be overwhelming while you decide to purchase. While it may be your first choice for many of your requirements, it is important to know that transportation should be handled with care. Also, it is always advisable to put it on a foundation slab. This helps increase stability to the structure, because porta cabins do not come with a foundation. For moving around, you will need truck and skilled personnel who know the nuances of lifting/installation.

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