Prefabricated Industrial sheds

Prefabricated Industrial sheds

PEB sheds are another version of factory sheds or manufacturing units.The industrial sheds can be installed easily over modular structures. The sheds we manufacture come in with turbo ventilators which keep it airy and comfortable for workers. The structures are durable, having been tested for withstanding harsh weather conditions. The structures are pre engineered and made in factory conditions, which leaves minimal chances of construction error. The cost is competitive and provision for sky light is also provided.

Standard Industrial Sheds Specification:

  • Length: 180m

  • Grade: Hot Rolled Steel

5 Striking Features of Prefab Industrial Sheds :

  • Robustic design that lasts long

  • The sheds are resistant to corrosion, rust, moisture and UV rays

  • Can be installed quickly with minimum labour.

  • Optimal fire resistant design

  • An economical alternative to conventionally constructed sheds

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